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Shopping for a used Honda, is the assurance of making the right choice. At Honda, you will find vehicles of all ranges and budgets, ranging from traditional sedan to the extreme sport coup, to more environmentally friendly vehicles. The Japanese manufacturer doesn't only act in the automotive field, we can includes motorcycles, jets and trucks to their line of vehicles. Strong in its engine conception, Honda has quickly established itself as a major manufacturer in the world. Our used Honda are high quality and these vehicles will allow you to discover or rediscover intense sensations, whatever the used Honda you choose. The auto market in Japan is intense and Honda has proven itself to be among the best. So, go for a used Honda, you won't be disappointed.

Used Honda Certified Vehicles

Certified Used Vehicle (CUV) programs offer significant advantages over used vehicles that are not certified. To qualify for certification, vehicles must meet the model year or mileage restrictions set out by the manufacturer. No engine or body modifications are allowed and it must pass a comprehensive mechanical and appearance inspection satisfactory to the manufacturer standards. The decision to buy a certified used vehicle is clear - peace of mind and reliability at a used vehicle price. With a solid reputation for reliability, performance, safety and value, a Honda Certified Used Vehicle is truly a great opportunity. With a Honda Certified Used Vehicle, you'll also have access to financing options through Honda Financial Services. [Read more]

Honda's F1 Comeback

Honda is sensing the winds of change when it comes to Formula One racing, and has decided to make a return, developing and refining new technologies. This new directive was announced yesterday by Honda Motor Company's President and CEO, Mr. Takanobu Ito. Partnering with Honda during it's return will be none other than McLaren, the UK company well known to F1 fans and also highly regarded for it's exotic, high performance cars. Involved since the 1960s, Honda pulled out of the F1 arena following the 2008 season when it was experiencing financial hardship and low exports to the US and Europe during the economic downturn.

2014 Honda Civic Tourer

Following the concept that debuted earlier this year, Honda is getting closer to bringing it's Honda Civic Tourer to reality. The automotive manufacturer is releasing photos of the wagon, in advance of it's official unveiling at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. It's very similar to the concept that we met before, though missing the big wheels and centre-mounted exhaust. While specs have not yet been officially released, here's what we can tell you.

Mind Controlled UNI-CUB From Honda

Honda is well known for their work in robotics, most famously for bringing ASIMO to life. Last week they showed off their newest creation, the UNI-CUB, a vehicle that is seemingly controlled by the user's mind.

Road test Honda

2007 Honda CR-V

2007 Honda CR-V

This is not the first time Honda follows a different path than those taken by its rivals. The examples are many, and far be it from me to bore you with the list...

2007 Honda Element

2007 Honda Element

Although the Element has been around for several years, it was never a candidate for the most attractive car award. In fact, the strange, the cube-like appearance...